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Transport Options
Here are some terms you should be familiar with when booking an auto for shipment.
Enclosed Transport — Enclosed trailers handle from one to six cars at a time depending on their length. Cars are loaded into a trailer with protection on all four sides. This is generally the most expensive method of transport, but provides the greatest protection from the elements. This method is most commonly used for exotic automobiles and is rarely the factory used method for new autos.
Open Style Carrier — This method is the most common. Unless your car was manufactured by Porsche or Volvo whom sometimes use enclosed, this is most likely the way it was shipped from the factory when brand new. The cars are secured on open trailers and are exposed to the same elements as when driven.
Terminal — Often cars are consolidated into a terminal for loading. A smaller truck is better suited to come directly to the customerís residence and relocate the car to a facility where a larger multi car unit can load it. Often a reduced rate may apply if a customer drops off or picks up their car from the terminal.
Door to Door — This commonly used expression is often misunderstood. While the use of a terminal allows the smaller truck to come directly to your residence, this is not always the case. Terminals are not always available in certain areas. If the larger multi unit truck is delivering directly to you, it may be necessary to meet the driver in a large commercial parking lot to receive your car. This is important to understand. Many people assume that if a moving van can get to their house then the car carrier should as well. The problem is first that the turning radius and ground clearance on the car carrier is very different and second that your car as well as others on the truck will be exposed to low hanging branches common in residential areas. It is in the customerís best interest as well to arrange a safe meeting in a commercial location. Details such as this can be discussed with your customer service representative prior to booking your order.